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 I'm going home;

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PostSubject: I'm going home;    Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:28 am

No, really, it's not just a catchy song that I'm listening to.

As some of you may or not be aware, if not I completely understand, I am a rather boring talker, haha! Anywho, I am moving back to New Zealand in order to participate in a two month training trial with the intention of getting an amazing job. But this means that I will be moving from my current home in Maryland, United States of America to Christchurch, New Zealand.

The time difference is madness. A staggering 12 hours in fact, if my math isn't as horrible as I think it is. So, chances are you won't see me on the site during my usual hours for two months, but I promise it will not effect my ability to reply, they will be done, I'll just miss out on the social part of this site, and it will be what I probably miss the most.

I will try to be on Skype, if anyone truly needs to speak with me regarding plots, edited objects, or trying to find your baby's father. I'm here for you. And we will find that bastard! So yes.

The skype is ezmonterr
Please PM me if you're planning on adding me so I don't think you're some insane stalker, it will boost my pride but traumatize me greatly.

I think that's about it.
- talked about my move [ ✓ ]
- mentioned it being for at least two months [ ✓ ]
- promised to find baby daddies [ ✓ ]
- rambled on for an unnecessary amount [ ✓ ]

Righto. Bye!
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I'm going home;
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