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 Question for all you guys (:

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Brieanne Devereaux


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PostSubject: Question for all you guys (:   Tue Nov 13, 2012 5:15 am

I know that I like recycling my characters for other roleplays when I've grown attached to them, so I was wondering how many of you do that? Do you, like.. change specific characteristics to fit the roleplay you're putting them in or keep them like they are?
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Vanessa Corvus


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PostSubject: Re: Question for all you guys (:   Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:41 am


Vanessa and Alistair were recycled. Sort of.
Vanessa was not changed - she started in a AU Deathly Hallows fanfiction I was planning. She simply died when she was shifted over to the roleplay. Since she was in the same environment/context, I don't really consider it recycling but IDK.
Alistair was a small, vague plan that never even got a plot. He was not written for anything, he just appeared one day in my head, but I converted him to HAU when I found how he could fit there.

As a whole, I don't really do the full recycling thing. When you alter characteristics etc and just change the context to make them fit. Feels like cheating. It's no longer them. I don't really like it. With Vanessa, nothing changed, she just died but that was fine she was going to in the FF anyway. Alistair just wound up here. Doesn't really count. I guess. If the RP declines in activity or I want to leave, I tend to write my characters off as dead. So it becomes a 'closed chapter'. I do miss them, though.
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Question for all you guys (:
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