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 Character Profile: Merit Ahmura

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Merit Ahmura


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PostSubject: Character Profile: Merit Ahmura   Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:42 am

Name: Merit Ama Ahmura
Sex: Female
Age: 28
Date of Birth: September 21st 2000
Species: Human
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupation: Formerly the heir (princess) to the Egyptian wizarding throne, since it’s abolition she has assumed the title of Duchess of Egypt* and works for the Ministry of Magic for the DTS Department.
Origin: Egypt, England 2028.
Residence: The Monarchy of Egypt was given a large manor to accommodate upon their arrival in England. Since assuming the role of Duchess of Egypt, Merit has been given her own manor to live in with her husband.
Desire: To defend her people (her family and those in Egypt) and to establish a calmer order within the Ministry.
Fear: Failing her family and her people in Egypt.
Patronus: Falcon

Representation of your Roleplay Character:
Non/Disney: Queen Tuya – Prince of Egypt
LA: Evelyn/Nefertiri – The Mummy/Returns

Speciality: Raised to be Queen, Merit is capable of dealing with political situations. She is brave in the face of governmental upheaval and strain. She is a strong-willed woman, firm with her decisions and beliefs. The three sisters were trained in self-defence and can do battle without a wand, using muggle tactics.
Limitations: She blames the muggle-borns for starting the change in the Wizarding World. She is bitter over what happened to her country and monarchy and having lost the chance to be Queen.

Wand / Magical Items: Willow, seven inches, core of Sphinx bone. Time-turner. Pocket book of spells.

Personality: Driven, determined and feminine. Raised to be a Queen, Merit is a strong willed woman who uses etiquette and intellect to achieve her goals. She is a caring woman; her main motive is to take care of her family, and her people. She is not necessarily an overly warm person, but she cares deeply for those around her and wishes most to keep them safe and well. She is quite motherly.
Appearance: Standing at 5’11”, Merit is a tall woman. She has a slender build, a nearly flat chest and narrow hips. Being Arabic, she has dark skin and thick black hair.
History: Merit was born into the Egyptian wizarding royal family, her sisters Isis and Ana to follow in later years. Her life was set to see her to the throne, and from a very young age she was educated intensely to prepare her for her role as Queen. At 17, suitors began to ask for her hand, but Merit refused them all, not wanting to risk losing her right to the throne. She was, at that time, entitled to the throne as Queen Regnant. She decided that marriage, at the age of seventeen, could tarnish her efforts for the throne or influence her potential rule, so she refused to consider getting married.
At the age of 20 the Ministry of Magic in Wizarding Britain began invading other countries to introduce their new system and ideology. Initially, they pursued the Commonwealth, and former Empire, but then sought out alliances of (or overtook) other nations. When Egypt was confronted with the threat of invasion, Merits father agreed to a treaty which stripped Egypt of much of its wealth and turned it into another of Britain’s Empirical trophies. The monarchy in Egypt was overthrown and, fearing for their lives, they agreed to be transported to England. This transition was solidified by Merit agreeing to marry a member of the British Ministry of Magic, the head of the Department for Time and Space. Her parents died shortly after. Using her new position in the Ministry and her marriage (which she saw more as a tactical alliance than matrimony) with the head of the DTS, Merit managed to claim the position of Duchess of Egypt, and through this she was able to oversee her nation and her people. A Queen overseas, of sorts. This position also gave her the chance to learn of what was going on in the rest of the world, and the rest of Britain.
2012 – Roleplay present.
2028 – 16 years in the future, their present.
2000 - Merit born, Merit is currently 28.
2001 – Ahmura King and Queen have trouble conceiving.
2003 - Miscarriage.
2004 – Still-born birth.
2007 - A son was born but died a few days of birth.
2010 – Isis born, Isis is currently 18.
2011 – Ana born, Ana is currently 17.
2012 – Esma born, Esma is 16.
2020 - Egypt is invaded, Merit is 20, Isis is 10, Ana is 9. They move to England.
2021 - Merit marries and secures a job in the Ministry.
2022 - Becomes established as important political figure and demands the role of Duchess of Egypt.
2028 – Esma steals time-turner to save her father and alter the future, their present, so Merit goes after her alongside her sisters who are training with the Ministry.

* Wizarding Egypt is now a duchy, which belongs to Wizarding Britain.
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Character Profile: Merit Ahmura
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