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 My computer hates me. FML

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Akasha Wynters


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PostSubject: My computer hates me. FML   Sun Jul 01, 2012 4:48 pm

Guess what guys? I don't have a computer anymore!

No,but seriously. Guess what happened to me on this day of all days?
The lightbulb for my computer screen decided to conk out.
I didn't even KNOW there was a lightbulb that lit up my computer screen =.=

Anyways, the lightbulb blew out, so until further notice, I will not have a computer to RP on.
Which is frustrating, because I was JUST getting back into my groove. URGH,

I'm not sure where to get one for my laptop, so as I said, until then I will be MIA
Major sadface Sad

I think I'll be able to reply to posts and stuff from my phone, but anything to do with Rp threads or mibbit is not going to happen
Major sadface Sad((
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My computer hates me. FML
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