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 New Admin Team

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PostSubject: New Admin Team   Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:52 am

I'd like to introduce my new and revamped admin team:

-Main Admin: ChessieInWonderland (Chessie)
-Co-Admin: Shaestel (Jess)
-Forum Co-ordinator: xStarrKey (Alix)
-Archives Manager: KouShou2 (Jack)
-Roleplaying Supervisor: MrsLovett112 (Sian)

You may be confused about what these administrative titles and positions mean, so if you are interested, there are brief descriptions below.

-Main Admin: Overlooks the entire forum and admin staff, creates the basics of the forum (signatures, icons and avatars, aswell as background and layout) and ensures everything is running smoothly. Manages challenges and events, aswell as the points system and house points. In charge of allowing people to create new characters.

-Co-Admin: Helps the Main Admin and is in charge of managing inactivity. If a character is inactive for a month without providing a reason in the "Inactivity" section of the forum, they will be given a week to post and save their character, before said character is deleted or killed.

-Forum Co-ordinator: Helps in the creation of the forum and is in charge of character profiling. Character Profiles will now need to be accepted by the Forum Co-ordinator and moved from "Character Requests" to "Character Profiles" before you can begin roleplaying. This is to check for grammar mistakes, mary-sues or gary-stus, aswell as drama queens, etc, and to ensure they are detailed enough and formatted correctly.

-Archives Manager: Moves topics to the archives when they say "End" or have been inactive for a month. You can go to him to request a topic be moved back into the main body of the forum, if you have a valid reason.

-Roleplaying Supervisor: Will ensure peace is kept between roleplayers. You can message her with a problem and she will pass your problem on to the roleplayer or admin it concerns, keeping your own identity anonymous. These problems can be anything from grammar, to godmodding, to bullying.
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New Admin Team
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